Rama S Eyunni

Rama S Eyunni is the founder of Tetrasoft group of companies, Tetrasoft Inc (founded in 1996), Tetrasoft Federal (TSF), and Tetra Med Sciences. He founded this company with a vision to enhance access to affordable healthcare with new molecule development to help humanity to lead healthy lives Inc. As the founder, he spearheads the global strategic vision and oversees the execution of group companies. Rama is an established veteran, innovator, and entrepreneurial leader.

Lathaa Subramanian

Lathaa Subramanian is the Co-Founder and Director of Tetra Med Sciences. She is an experienced techno-Commercial, Supply Chain Professional with over two decades of experience in pharma API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) R&D, Sourcing & Procurement, and Strategy for large Pharma & biotech firms. She has demonstrated a history of working in the pharma industry, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pharmaceutics, Sourcing, and Procurement. Lathaa is a graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

Sunita Eyunni

Sunita Eyunni is the Director of Board for Tetra Med Sciences. Sunita got graduated from Ohio State University and has rich experience in healthcare leadership and transformation initiatives. Her passion for the pharma industry has brought her close to the intersection of industry, human ingenuity. She represents a key personality of Tetra Med Sciences and is actively involved in corporate diversity and inclusion, gender equality, and corporate development initiatives.

Prasad Eyunni

Prasad Eyunni is the Administrative Director of Tetra Med Sciences.He is a veteran in the healthcare and pharma industry. Prasad is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the business agenda across Tetrasoft Med Sciences and its internal operations. He is also well known for his success in elevating and creating diverse teams across the Tetra Med Sciences delivery continuum and has initiated innovative programs to improve patient care and experience, clinical quality, and safety.

Srinivas Reddy Junnuthala

Srinivas is the Director of IT infrastructure services. He is the subject matter expert in IT Infrastructure and has over two decades of experience. Srinivas has led strategic initiatives including Process management and Hitrust implementation for Tetrasoft group of companies at a larger scale.