Tetra Med Sciences has consistently delivered a diverse set of development programs for our customers with a track record of bringing value based on quality, pricing, and responsiveness. With a strong team of scientists and process engineers, we are up to any challenge involving complex chemical synthesis from route scouting, process development, scale-up to commercial scale. We develop a variety of technologies and dosage forms for different routes of administration in the state-of-the-art formulation and analytical laboratories.


    Our medicinal chemistry team comprises of scientists with vast experience from previous employment in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

    We provide drug discovery and medicinal chemistry services spanning hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimization, supported by synthetic, process and scale-up chemistry.

    Every integrated discovery program is assigned a project lead from chemistry and biology respectively, closely monitored by their department heads.

    The size and composition of our scientific teams are customized based on program needs/stage and timelines. To address specific program challenges, expertise in chemistry and biology can be accessed from our larger talent pool, on need basis.