Tetra Med Sciences specializes in producing and developing products through novel processes and we take pride in leveraging our core competencies, powerful resources, equipment and facilities.

Our expertise in custom chemical synthesis is well-positioned to support the commercial quantity requirements of key starting materials, intermediates and APIs, for innovator and generic pharma, and other chemical industries.

  • Supported by versatile manufacturing infrastructure, our team is trained in operational excellence, closely monitoring supply chain effectiveness and manufacturing to ensure delivery of projects on-time and in-full.
  • We adhere to internationally benchmarked safety, environment, and regulatory standards to offer consistent, high quality products.
  • Our unique differentiator is the ability to perform unit processes and unit operations at plant scale under a wide range of reaction conditions. With customized business models and a flexible approach, we also meet varying demands in quantity.


    Drug substance manufacturing

    API manufacturing

    Impurity Synthesis

    Contract manufacturing

    Process development and new route scouting

    Synthesis of APIs, intermediates and reference standards

    Multi-step synthesis from mg to kg scale