Tetra Med Sciences is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that provides end-to-end solutions and accelerate molecule from concept to commercial. Whether you involve us in the early or late phase; require milligram quantities for discovery to hundreds of kilograms, we raise the bar above and beyond to drive successful outcomes. Tetra Med Sciences has rich experience in custom development and manufacturing. Our long-term relationships with life sciences companies reflect our commitment to quality, service delivery, and intellectual property. Our team of project managers, scientists, and chemical engineers meet the niche requirements of global clients.

Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO):

    Our capability as an integrated service provider and experience with various technologies enables us to serve Innovator companies worldwide.

    We help to increase the efficiency of production processes and reduce the risks associated with product development and/or commercialization.

    Our approach is to improve and back integrate the stages which are limited for scalability in the initial discovery thereby making the entire drug life cycle process more cost efficient with higher yields.

    Speed to market by focusing resources on core competencies and optimizing, ROI

    Improved product quality - every development project request is carefully analysed and various alternative options are explored for arriving at the best solution