Tetra Med Sciences offers a range of analytical solutions supported by state of the art facilities, advanced analytical instruments and efficient analytical team. The analytical team works closely with our chemists and takes charge for method development, preparative purification and characterization, allowing the chemists to target the trouble-shooting time and efficiency, on delivery of chemistry. Our analytical scientists use appropriate techniques and instrumentation to quantify and qualify new chemical entities, drug substances, drug products and their related analyses.

  • Method development & validation
  • Impurity profiling
  • Stability Studies


    Our analytical solutions are phase-appropriate and executed in parallel. Our approach is iterative, focusing on continuous improvement so that the developed and validated methods support the progress of customer drug candidates.

    Our analytical and regulatory teams provide additional support, post submission for regulatory approval.

    Our robust quality assurance systems ensure close monitoring, review and approval of stability studies before release of reports.

    We have a proven track record of successful submissions of protocols and reports to global regulators.